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The abstract explores the multifaceted impact of social media on mental health, encompassing both positive and negative aspects. It delves into the role of social media in shaping self protection, interpersonal relationship, and overall well being.

The analysis considers the influences of curated online content, cyber bulling, and the potential for social support. Additionally, the abstract examines the evolving landscape of mental health awareness facilitated by social media platform and addressing the need for a nuanced understanding of these complex interactions. 


Keywords of mental health- wellness, well-being, psychological, emotional health, mental disorder, psychiatric conditions, mental illness.

2-Positive aspect –Social support , community building, mental health awareness, peer connection , positive content sharing , Emotional expression , Access to resources

3-Negative aspects- Cyber bullying, social comparison, digital addiction, information overload, privacy concerns, online harassment, unrealistic beauty standards, Anxiety and depression



IN the 21’Th century, the digital age has ushered in a transformative era of communication, information sharing, and global connectivity. In today’s time we use the different platform of social media like –instragram, whattsapp, twitter, etc which help to connect the people in worldwide while sitting at home.

But it having negative impact also .some people have found that using social media to much which can make them feel sad , anxiety and even some time lonely. While the coin have two phase positive and negative same the social media also have two side positive and negative means where it’s help us to connect with people and get the information quickly .On the other hand its cause people mental health. Various jurists have different point of view regarding the impact of social media on mental health and well-being, some of them are in support of social media while some of them are in against we want to understand that can it can make you feel better or worse and how we can use it wisely, in today’s world of modernization the impact of social media on happiness and well being.

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Impact of social media on mental health

Firstly the question arises what is mental health so mental health is defined as the well being of people which help to understand their ability, capability, of  everyday life problem work well and significant contribution towards their communities.

Regarding this topic and different opinion of research scholar did debate a lot .To make understand their point of view they coined various theory .So among the various theory one of the theory are The Displaced behavior theory may help to understand that why social media as a connection with mental health. According to this theory people who spend more time in sedentary behavior such as social media users use less time for face to face interaction, both have been proven to be protection against mental disorder.

In fact, another study found that social media users who spend maximum time in social media are usually get affected by social isolation. The several platform of social media like whattsapp, instragram , YouTube face book  etc  make person ‘perceived social isolation; and the perceived isolation is one of the worst thing that cause person not only mentally but physically also.

Now the experts are not able to prove that people are having internet addiction even though internet is also using by users from past long period of time, but they can able to prove that people having social media addiction .In today’s time people of every age group are on social media and because of stress schedule the social media are make them smile on their face. The post, reel and entertainment video of social media are attracted the people on social media. According to the various researcher it may be possible to say that the addiction which may lead to cause disorder which mean  that person who spend more time in particular platform of social media let’s say face book that may cause to face book disorder.

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And it going to affect the personal life of an individual, mental preoccupation, mood modifying experience and concealing the Social addictive behavior. This thing occur when they are not able to spend sufficient time on social media there mood is depend upon the social media.”The more we use social media, the less happy we seem to be” which mean face book and instragram are linked to both less moment to moment happiness and less satisfaction. The more person use social media  and capture or post everything or spend more time , the  more he get isolated from physical world.

All of this is not to say that there is no benefit of social media obviously it help to connect the people worldwide but it also causing the mental health of an individual while providing anxiety and stress etc.

As we discuss earlier the social media have bath positive and negative aspects.


If you a regular social media users probably encounter some of all these benefit of social media:


Social media make people life easy to find a group or same mindset people. While sitting at home at home .social media en easy way to nurture existing relationship with family friends or any  other member who have moved away ,while sending messages , share photos ,call ,and video call etc


 In Today’s time people gets all the information of event  and news etc not only local but worldwide also. Just on one click the users get all the important information of local ,national, as well as international news, it also help as a helping hand while spreading information about the lost friends, family members through several platform of social media


It provide access educational content , webinar ,and online course at very minimum price ,because of social media now students are not restrict to specific content ,they easily get variety of educational content .while on the other side the offline or physical coaching classes are very expensive every student are not able to afford and some time because of crowd and lot of disturbance the student may be not able to focus ,In that situation the online mode help the students they get the minimum rate coaching and variety of content and with no disturbance.


Social media it’s like a blessing for the business man, investors and entrepreneur. For them border of the nation  are not become the barrier in trade or business, they can get connect with any one in worldwide to sell their product and make customer through which they get the handsome profit and help to contribute to the ‘GDP’of the country


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In the conclusion, the impact of social media on mental health is a complex and multifaceted issue, while it offer numerous benefit such

As education, business, and on the other hand it also lead to negative consequence.



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